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But don’t forget, only 7% of the applicants actually make it to the interviews! So write everything that’s impressive about you and only write about impressive things. Read these helpful tips from YC alumni to help you write a successful YC application. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. They will reach out to you on your submitted email ID.

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  • Launched on the App Store in 2016, the app is listed under the Sports category where it ranks at No. 158.
  • We wanted to apply the last batch so we wanted to validate the idea first with KPIs to show that this business makes sense.
  • The Kruze partnership is a great opportunity for both us and the founders who are reaching out to them.
  • None of them had billions of losses before going public and they were all profitable before their IPO.

Matt Levine had a fun Great Recession story which I cannot find right now TelefonLiveSexOr.com , which is that during 2008 in the M&A department at Goldman Sachs everyone still came to work, even though obviously merger and acquisition activity was way down. They would spend every day doing calls and making pitchbooks, all of which went nowhere. A floor full of people could have just collected a salary and stayed home for 12 months and it would have had an identical outcome. I don’t know of any 70% layoffs but I tend to agree that cutting once and hard is the best approach, given what I experienced with paper-cut layoffs. I know nothing about the company, but they seemed to have a decent go at it, founded in 2003.

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Also a bad idea for climate change, which is becoming very expensive. That growth would’ve just gone predominately to the wealthy/shareholder class anyway. Better to destroy asset values and growth to destroy demand, which reduces inflation.

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We purchased a tiny microphone that we would slowly pass to the other person if we felt like they were the better person to answer. On the day of the interview, we dressed up in our matching webapp.io shirts to show team spirit and double-checked our computer setup before going live. We tapped into our network to ask non-YC and YC friends for 10-minute mock interviews. We ended up scheduling 10 mock interviews and dramatically improving our pitch by the end.

Our work is designed to help you understand the most important trends shaping the future, and to capitalize on change. YC has developed an arsenal of tools to help startups at each phase of their life. That includes programs like Startup School and Work for a Startup, as well as tools like Bookface and Hacker News. YC is best-known for offering a three-month program for new entrepreneurs.

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In July 2021, the White House denounced the Chinese government over its “pattern of malicious cyber activity,” in tandem with the European Union, the U.K. The action made it clear that the Biden administration believes China has been ignoring its 2015 agreement to cease hacking activities meant to steal the IP of U.S. businesses. The name of this little VR company Facebook hoped to partner with? With Soul Machines, he wanted to extend his brand to the next generation of golfers.

Asian companies, particularly those hailing from India, have also become more prevalent. After the US, India is the second largest recipient, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. Critics commonly suggest that as the accelerator has scaled, it has lost some of its value and prestige, evolving from a community garden into venture’s equivalent of a factory farm. Geopolitical happenings are unlikely to have helped. Twenty nineteen saw an escalation of hostilities, with Chinese telecom business Huawei suing the US and Trump raising tariffs, labeling China a currency manipulator, and supporting Hong Kong protesters. Given the success and strength of its core business, YC may have reasonably felt it was not worth the trouble.

The informal commitment to secrecy on our application form is more than any VC would make. In this connection you may want to read the first section of How to Start a Startup on the value of mere ideas. If you fund as many companies as we do it’s unavoidable you’ll end up with some overlap. Even if you tried not to accept competing companies, you’d still get overlap because startups’ ideas morph so much.